Sonntag 25.Oktober



Open Memory Box zeigt die größte Digitalsammlung privater DDR-Schmalfilme.
Die Aufnahmen mit 415 Stunden Gesamtlänge zeigen das Leben 149 verschiedener Familien zwischen 1947 und 1990 .

Als Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin im Juli 1969 sicher auf dem Mond landeten, President Richard Nixon called them from the White House during their moonwalk to say how proud he was of what they had accomplished. But in the event that Armstrong and Aldrin did not make it safely off the Moon’s surface, Nixon was prepared to give a very different sort of speech. The remarks were written by William Safire and recorded in a memo called In Event of Moon Disaster.

I love how simple questions can reveal deep truths about how the universe works. Take “why is the night sky dark?” It’s a question a small child might ask but stumped the likes of Newton, Halley, and Kepler and wasn’t really resolved until Einstein’s theory of general relativity and the Big Bang theory rolled around. Here’s the paradox: if we live in a static infinite universe, shouldn’t the sky be unbearably bright?

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